To be…or NOT to be Neutral. That is the Question.

Net neutrality is synonymous with the idea of freedom of speech. The Internet is a phenomenon that often isn’t appreciated or looked at for its overall incredible facility. The Internet allows for any individual to create content that defines them or helps them become anyone they want. It’s a source of freedom that a lot of people maybe don’t have in their day-to-day lives. Certain major corporations are not only trying to create their own versions of the Internet but also regulate who can access it, at what speeds they can access it, and ultimately have the power to discriminate against certain users based on demographics.

Often times we see on social media outlets that certain discrimination has apparently ended. Discrimination about color however is more and more present everyday. We may not see it in the most apparent or direct forms, but the fact of the matter is that we do see it, and sometimes, choose to ignore it. People of color are being stereotyped, marginalized, and are painted in a light that is not flattering online. Our nation is in a state of inequality and it is because of these inequities that certain media outlets and even certain individuals have the capability to create and establish these present stereotypes everyday. This poses an interesting question about the idea of net neutrality…should the Internet be open? My position is two-fold.

On the one hand, I understand that as individuals, we have the freedom of speech and that our freedom extends to the Internet. However, where I disagree is that we can not be reprimanded for the content that we post. Allowing major companies to control the accessibility and limit the usage of internet goers does seem to be a solution, but when these companies are creating and promoting these ideas and stereotypes of certain groups of people on a regular basis, a line has to be drawn somewhere. Net neutrality is a good concept in theory, but application of this concept can only be maximized when there is “big brother” holding it accountable. Now how we define who this big brother is would be a little tricky because we would need to A. agree that this accountability is necessary and also B. decide who among the population would fit the requirements to successfully hold these big giant corporations accountable. It’s a difficult task at hand, but ultimately…not impossible.


All in all, net neutrality is a topic that in my mind will always be in a state of flux. Where is the line? What is too much regulation? A solution needs to be found but before it can be created, we as individuals need to accept that there is a problem.

To see more about net neutrality, check out this video…rather, enjoy this video:

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